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Macao's new companies decrease in Q3******

MACAO, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- A total of 1,394 new companies were incorporated in Macao in the third quarter of 2021, a decrease of 326 year on year, the special administrative region's (SAR) statistics service said on Tuesday.。

Information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) showed that the total value of registered capital of the new companies soared by 253.1 percent year on year to 370 million patacas (about 46.1 million U.S. dollars).。

In the third quarter, the number of companies in dissolution was 180, and the value of registered capital of these companies amounted to 123 million patacas, according to the report.。

In terms of the origin of capital, the mainland contributed 128 million patacas to the capital of newly incorporated companies. Capital from Singapore and the Macao SAR stood at 80 million and 65 million patacas, respectively.。

Analyzed by the size of registered capital, there were 993 new companies, or 71.2 percent of the total, registered with capital under 50,000 patacas in the third quarter, and the corresponding value of the capital totaled 26 million patacas.。

Meanwhile, 27 new companies were registered with capital of 1 million patacas or over, and the value of capital amounted to 277 million patacas, showed the report.。

At the end of the third quarter of 2021, the total number of registered companies in Macao was 80,170. (1 pataca equals 0.1246 U.S. dollar) Enditem。



Why We Like Sad Songs

On November 19th it came out 30, the new album by Adele. Last month hundreds of millions of people had streamed her first single, Easy on me. This song evokes feelings that are not easy to put into words. But we can perhaps agree that this is a sad song.

阿黛尔的新专辑《30》于11月19日面世了。上个月,数亿人在线收听了她的首发单曲Easy On Me。这首歌唤起了我们难以用语言表达的情感。但我们或许可以同意,这是一首悲伤的歌曲。

It is not a given that we like this kind of music. Sadness is usually a feeling we try to avoid, this kind of music should be depressing and unpleasant to our ears. Instead it attracts us and cheers us up. But why does listening to sad music make us feel so good?


Let’s start with biological theories. When we experience loss firsthand or empathize with the pain of others, our body releases hormones such as prolactin and oxytocin that help us cope with emptiness and pain, because they make us feel calm, comforted and supported.


Perceiving Adele’s pain, or remembering ours, can trigger these chemical reactions within us.


But on this the verdict is not unanimous. According to a study, there is no evidence that sad music causes prolactin levels to rise. Other research, on the other hand, suggests that prolactin and oxytocin help make sad music give us a feeling of well-being.


The psychology of sad music


One of the main reasons we love sad songs is that they “move” us deeply. This experience is sometimes called kama muta, a Sanskrit term that means “moved by love”. Being moved can involve chills, goosebumps, a flood of emotions, heat in the chest and euphoria.

我们喜欢悲伤歌曲的一个关键原因是,它们能深深地“感动”我们。这种体验有时被称为kama muta,这是一个梵文术语,意思是“被爱感动”。人们被歌曲感动时可能会颤栗、起鸡皮疙瘩、情绪泛滥、心口温热和欢欣鼓舞。

But why are we moved? The American writer James Baldwin came to this conclusion: “The things that tormented me most were the very things that united me with all the people who were alive, and all those who had been.” Likewise, commotion can come from suddenly feeling closer to others.

但为什么我们会被感动?美国作家詹姆斯·鲍德温(James Baldwin)认为:“让我最痛苦的事情,恰好也是将我与所有活着的人,以及所有曾经活着的人,联系在一起的事情。”同样,“被感动”可能是因为我们突然感觉与他人更亲近。

This may be why the people most likely to be moved by sad music are also those who have a high level of empathy. Indeed, after listening 30 we could search online for gods reaction video – videos released online showing how people react to TV series, movies, songs – to see how other listeners feel. This allows us to share an emotional experience, and sharing a feeling with a community of people increases the emotion and triggers a sense of belonging and comfort.


A suggestion somehow related to this reasoning is that Adele’s sad music can function as a friend and act as a social surrogate. Sad music can be an imaginary friend who supports and empathizes with us after a loss.


The emotion can also be triggered by the memory of important moments in our life. Adele’s songs are very nostalgic. So in reality it could be nostalgia, and not sadness, the emotion that makes us feel good.


In fact, only 25 percent of people who listen to this genre of music say they feel sad. Others experience different emotions, often related, and most of the time nostalgia: a feeling that contributes to the growth of our sense of social connection, to mitigate the feeling that things do not make sense and to reduce anxiety.


A completely different kind of psychological theory holds that songs like Adele’s are emotional training grounds, safe and controlled spaces where we can explore a simulation of sadness. In short, the emotional equivalent of Neo training with Morpheus in the film Matrix.


Simulated sadness allows us to experience and learn. We can improve our empathy, learn to see things better from the perspective of others, and try to react to sadness, so that we can be a little more prepared when we find ourselves facing a difficult time in our life. These instructive experiences may have evolved to be enjoyable and easier to use.


It is also possible that Adele’s songs are not liked because they are sad or nostalgic, but simply because they are beautiful. Sadness could therefore coincide with beauty. There are those who argue that witnessing virtuous actions or something beautiful can touch us, move us and inspire us.


And then we can take into consideration the cultural aspect: Adele in her songs talks about difficult experiences and helps us to get over it. That’s exactly what tragic art does: it takes the pain, suffering and sadness of the world and gives them meaning. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Who has a because to live can endure almost any come”.

我们也可以从文化层面思考,阿黛尔在她的歌曲中讲述了艰难的经历并帮助我们克服它。这正是悲剧艺术所实现的价值:它带走了世界的痛苦、苦难和悲伤,并赋予它们意义。正如德国哲学家弗里德里希·尼采 (Friedrich Nietzsche) 所说:“一个人知道自己为什么而活,就能忍受任何生活”。

In short, Adele’s songs can have a different meaning for each of us. We listen to sad music when we want to reflect, feel part of a community or relax. We listen to it to experience beauty, to receive comfort or to abandon ourselves to memories.


But what Adele’s songs tell everyone is: you are not alone in your pain. They allow us to feel his pain, to share our suffering and to connect with other people from the past and present. And beauty is contained in the sharing of our humanity.


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West Ham brush past Villa to make it closer at top, Leeds claim three vital points******

LONDON, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- West Ham United highlighted their excellent moment of form with a 4-1 win away to Aston Villa in the English Premier League on Sunday.。

The victory keeps them fourth in the table but draws them level on points with third place Manchester City and puts them just two behind Liverpool and five behind league leaders Chelsea.。

Defender Ben Johnson put West Ham ahead after just seven minutes when he cut inside and scored with a low shot and although Ollie Watkins drew Aston Villa level in the 34th minute, it was a false hope for the home side.。

Declan Rice deservedly put West Ham back ahead just four minutes later and Villa's task was made much harder when Ezil Konsa was sent off five minutes into the break.。

Playing with 10 men, the home side tired in the closing minutes allowing Pablo Fornals and Jarrod Bowen to add two more goals in the closing minutes.。

Leeds United claimed their second win of the season as Rodrigo's 60th minute shot, with the aid of an error from Norwich coach Tim Krul gave them a 2-1 win in Carrow Road.。

All of the goals came in a frantic four-minute spell with Raphinha putting Leeds in front on 56 minutes, before Andrew Omobamidele's header two minutes later gave Norwich hopes of their first triumph of the campaign.。

On Saturday, Chelsea won 3-0 away to Newcastle United, while Manchester City lost 2-0 at home to Crystal Palace and Liverpool were also held to a surprise 2-2 draw at home to Brighton. Enditem。

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