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Feature: Live******

by Xinhua writers Zhang Yuqi, Yao Yulin。

TIANJIN, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Donning traditional apparel with a rapier in his hand, 23-year-old swordsman Zhang Yuhao struggled to confess his secret, though doing so could prove fatal for his brother who is suspected of assassinating the emperor.。

Thankfully, however, no one was actually killed in this murder mystery game. Together with his six friends, Zhang was given the background information of his character before the role play began, and they were dressed up in costume to immerse themselves in the experience of finding the true "killer" in a fictive crime.。

Such role play enthusiasts are an increasingly common sight in China nowadays. Murder mystery games that feature brain-racking reasoning and suspenseful plots have overwhelmed more and more youngsters and become a favorite social activity.。

According to a report released by the Meituan Research Institute, China is expected to have about 9.4 million consumers willing to pay for such live-action role play (LARP) in 2021, with an estimated market value of more than 15 billion yuan (about 2.35 billion U.S. dollars).。

Over 70 percent of the game players are under the age of 30, while more than 40 percent of the consumers tend to participate in LARP at least once a week, said the report.。

It was Zhang's first encounter with the game, yet he was instantly hooked. "My character faces a dilemma between staying loyal to the emperor and protecting his brother. While playing our roles, we were experiencing a different life described in the script."

As a white-collar employee in north China's Tianjin Municipality, Zhang often works more than nine hours during busy workdays. "It may sound trite to say that I love the fantasy of being someone else, but the game is kind of an escape from my daily routine on weekends."

As the game unfolded gradually under the guidance of a host, all the LARP players soon immersed themselves in the imaginary world. As they reached the critical junctures, tears even rolled down the faces of Zhang and his companions.。

Liu Yang, 25, is a frequent visitor to a local LARP venue in Tianjin. Almost every Friday evening he plays the in-person role game with strangers after toiling long hours during the day.。

As a young empty-nester in the bustling city, Liu makes friends during the games.。

"I've seen it bring a lot of people out of their shells. Every character in the game has their own vital clues that others may not know," Liu said.。

"How they play their role is mainly defined by their own personalities, so that I can know more about a stranger within the game's four to five hours. I could even be lucky enough to make a new close friend during the game," he added.。

Li Chenyu, a 17-year-old senior high school student, is much more taken with the game's logical side. "Players dig out every clue and share them during conversation to vote out the liar by analyzing the criminal's contradictory statements."

Encouraged by the promising LARP games, Chinese entrepreneurs are scrambling to grab a share of the lucrative market.。

According to Qichacha, a leading platform offering company information inquiry services, over 3,600 LARP-related enterprises were newly registered during the first half of this year, up about 294.4 percent year on year.。

LARP lover Qin Yue owns about 10 LARP studios across the country. "Offline studios have mushroomed in China. In my pre-market survey, I found nearly 100 studios scattered in one office building cluster in a central urban area of Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province."

Yet the nascent industry has also incurred many worrying problems. Some parents of the young players hold negative attitudes toward the game due to its possible violent, vulgar and obscene content.。

Minors are susceptible to the criminal and sexual elements of the LARP games due to the vivid and immersive experiences the games can bring. "It is urgent to improve the regulation over the offline and online studios and script publishers," noted Wang Chunyi, a training consultant of the Chinese Psychological Society.。

"LARP games are still a good emotional outlet for those having a hard time in their daily lives, where they can release all their stress and take a break. This is what the game is all about, beyond reasoning and social interaction," said Qin Yue.。

"As a studio owner, I feel obliged to filter out the scripts of poor quality. All LARP lovers are expecting rosy prospects for the industry rather than seeing the game become a mere fleeting craze," Qin added. Enditem。

七旬老人将十余万元养老钱借出 另一方不但没还钱还否认借款******



  华商报新闻记者 宁军。



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PC香爆报:RTX 40显卡来年后半年问世 ThinkPad亮相空间站******这周PC行业有如下所示几个重点新闻非常值得关心:Intel十二代英特尔酷睿处理器i7-1260P显卡跑分超M1 Max芯片,RTX 40系列产品显卡确定来年后半年推出;锐龙6000处理器将应用3D V-Cache技术性;ThinkPad现身在我国太空站。这周大家重点关注PC行业产生的如下所示几个要事:i7-1260P的显卡跑分和主要参数曝出,性能主要表现超出iPhone的M1 Max芯片;RTX 40系列产品显卡预估2022年后半年推出,对比于RTX 30系列产品,官方网参考价约增涨10%;锐龙6000系列产品处理器将在来年推出,确定将应用3D V-Cache技术性,缓存文件容积有显著提高;ThinkPad现身在我国太空站,随在我国宇航员一起进到宇宙空间行业。

·RTX 40系列产品显卡明确来年后半年推出。

遵照惯例,NVIDIA显卡升级换代周期时间一般为2年,因此从如今到来年后半年,NVIDIA可能再次健全RTX 30系列产品的商品合理布局,但是游戏玩家或是更为希望RTX 40系列产品。

预估RTX 40系列产品显卡将在来年三季度上下升级,先发三款型号规格——RTX 4090、RTX 4080和RTX 4070,将选用tsmc5nm制造加工工艺,CUDA总数提升50~100%,性能也会翻番,而且可能适用PCIe 5.0。

当时,RTX 30系列产品显卡刚发售的情况下,标价基本上和RTX 20系列产品在同一水准,RTX 3070和RTX 2070保持了499美金的同样起步费。RTX 3060的发市场价也是比RTX 2060要低20美金。可是受挖币风潮和芯片断货的危害,因此自公布至今价钱就一直疯涨。

RTX 40系列产品显卡标价依然是个谜,因为代工生产价钱提升、原料获得价格增涨等原因危害,有最新消息称RTX 4070的价钱将提升10%到549美金。期待到RTX 40系列产品显卡宣布开售的情况下,芯片断货情况可以获得显著减轻。


遵照惯例,NVIDIA下一代显卡RTX 40系列产品将在来年后半年公布,初次应用5nm制造,流解决总数和显存容量均有加倍的提高,因此在性能层面也是有更为显著地发展。可是RTX 30系列产品显卡自推出至今,受芯片断货和挖币风潮的危害,一直就处在断货和股权溢价的情况。AMD在没多久以前也上涨GPU芯片的价钱。但是预估到了来年后半年,芯片断货情况很有可能会出现显著减轻,显卡很有可能会发生小幅度股权溢价,可是总体价钱会较为稳定,因此游戏玩家可以用一个相对性有效的价钱选购到RTX 40系列产品显卡。·i7-1260P显卡跑分超iPhoneM1 Max芯片。


近期在网上曝出了Intel Core i7-1260P的主要参数和显卡跑分信息内容,该处理器有着12关键16进程,选用的4大核8花核设计方案,输出功率2.5-4.6GHz,三级缓存为18MB。单核心得分成1721分,多核得分成9697分。

这款处理器性能主要表现十分出色,与前代的Intel Core i9-11980HK比照,单核心考试成绩高于了后者,多核考试成绩难分伯仲。与iPhone的M1 Max芯片对比,单核心考试成绩基本上一样,多核考试成绩高于了后者。



Intel在上个月宣布推送了十二代英特尔酷睿桌面上端处理器——Alder Lake-S系列产品,预估十二代英特尔酷睿手机端处理器将在一个多月后的2022 CES展览会上公布,也将选用尺寸核设计方案和Intel 7加工工艺。从Intel Core i7-1260P主要参数显卡跑分看来,早已超出了Intel前代标压商品和iPhoneM1 Max芯片,在性能主要表现层面有目共睹。P系列产品用于轻薄笔记本产品线,因此在功能损耗层面也具备更强的优点。因此十二代酷睿笔记本在性能和续航力层面都是会有更为火爆的主要表现,iPhoneM1芯片将迈入整体实力强悍的敌人。·锐龙6000处理器将应用3D局部变量技术性。

选用Zen 3构架的锐龙5000处理器早已公布一年了,Zen 4构架要到来年年末才会宣布公布,换句话说Zen 3构架还需要再次服现役一年。为了更好地和Intel十二代英特尔酷睿相市场竞争,锐龙6000系列产品将应用Zen 3 构架,而且初次配备3D V-Cache缓存文件技术性,预估会在2022年1月份的CES展览会上宣布公布。

AMD官网发布了一个全新的PPT,PPT中汇总了AMD在封装形式技术性层面的发展,提及了2019年推出的chiplets小芯片封装形式技术性,而且在2021年或是推出了3D chiplets封装形式技术性,锐龙6000处理器将应用小芯片 3D局部变量的方法。

这一3D chiplets封装形式系统都是平常常说的3D V-Cahe缓存文件技术性,现阶段早已在Milan-X霄龙系列产品处理器中运用,每一个小芯片上一样提升了附加的64MB缓存文件,累计超过了804MB缓存文件,性能最大可以提高66%。



AMD的锐龙7000系列产品将在来年后半年宣布推出,而且初次应用Zen 4构架和5nm制造加工工艺。来年今年初推出的锐龙6000系列产品将应用Zen 3 构架。锐龙6000系列产品较大的商品闪光点便是应用了3D V-Cahe缓存文件技术性,该技术性已经在服务端的最新款霄龙处理器中应用,缓存文件容积有显著提高。因此锐龙6000系列产品的IPC提高力度也会十分明显,产生更为清晰的游戏感受。应对Intel十二代英特尔酷睿的强大兴起,也是有充足的工作能力解决。·ThinkPad现身在我国太空站。

近日,中国载人航天公司办公室发布了宇航员王亚平在太空站工作情况的高清图,图内发生了几款笔记本。此外,想到也在其微信公众账号表露出,相片中的联想笔记本型号规格为ThinkPad P53。

据了解,这款想到ThinkPad P53是在2019年推出的,那时候称为全世界性能最大的15.6英尺移动工作站,处理器配备的是Intel八核酷睿i9系列产品或是以前处理器,最大有着128GB运行内存,显卡可选择NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000显卡,而且采用4K OLED屏幕,适用触摸。

想到表明,ThinkPad是第一个进到外太空的笔记本知名品牌,也是唯一被国际太空站认同应用的笔记本知名品牌。早在2013年,ThinkPad Tablet 2就随在我国载人航天飞船神舟十号进到外太空,而且用以纪录航行期内的数据信息。现阶段在国际空间站中,早已有60几台ThinkPad笔记本电脑在平稳运作。ThinkPad在航天航空行业的特有优点不是别的知名品牌比得上。


ThinkPad现身在中国太空站中现身,足见该知名品牌在航天航空行业的特有优点。实际上这并并不是ThinkPad初次进到外太空,早在1993年ThinkPad 750就伴着奋进号航天飞船,实行修补哈勃天文望远镜的每日任务。2013年,ThinkPad Tablet 2初次搭乘在我国载人航天飞船——神舟十号进到到宇宙空间。因此照此算来,ThinkPad早就在二十多年前就加入到宇宙空间了,可以称之为是宇宙空间的老客户了。

UNGA president calls on Russia, Ukraine to settle disputes through dialogue******


People stand in front of a bombed-out civilian apartment complex in Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv, on February 24, 2022.

Abdulla Shahid, president of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, on Thursday called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and peaceful means to settle disputes.

"I call for an immediate ceasefire, de-escalation of tensions and a firm return to diplomacy and dialogue," said the UNGA president in a statement.

Underscoring that the UN Charter is based on the principle of sovereign equality, Shahid called on all member states to settle their international disputes by peaceful means.

"I renew my call to all member states to uphold their obligations under international law and international humanitarian law," said the UNGA president.

"The safe and unhindered access for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and its people is a priority and the need of the hour," he said.



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