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Beijing Stock Exchange sees more investors in 1st week of trading******

Photo taken on Nov. 14, 2021 shows the exterior view of the office building of the Beijing Stock Exchange, in Beijing, capital of China. (Xinhua/Li Xin)。

BEIJING, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- The newly-established Beijing Stock Exchange saw more investors open accounts in its first week of trading, data showed.。

After the launch on Monday, the exchange saw 340,000 new qualified accounts during the week, bringing the total number to 4.37 million, the exchange said.。

Trading was stable in the first week, with a total turnover of 21.2 billion yuan (3.32 billion U.S. dollars) for 81 listed stocks.。

The exchange is a platform serving innovation-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises. The first batch of 81 firms consists of top performers in their respective sectors, boasting sound business operations and great growth potential.。

The exchange adopts the registration-based initial public offering system, in line with the Nasdaq-style sci-tech innovation board, also known as the STAR market on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the tech-heavy ChiNext market on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Enditem。

Fund run by Biden's son involved in financing biolabs in Ukraine: Russian Defense Ministry******

The investment fund Rosemont Seneca, currently managed by Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, funded the Pentagon's military biological program in Ukraine, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

The fund has resources in the amount of at least US$2.4 billion, said Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces.

The US Agency for International Development, the George Soros Foundation, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were also involved in the funding and development of these programs, he added.

"The incoming documents have allowed us to trace patterns of interaction between US government agencies and Ukrainian biological facilities," he said.

The official added that the defense ministry has official documentation proving that 30 Ukrainian laboratories were involved in military biological activities.

According to Kirillov, 16,000 biological samples have been exported to the United States and its allies from Ukraine.

For example, he said, 4,000 blood samples were taken from servicemen in Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev to study the prevalence of antibodies to hantavirus.

"This large-scale screening of the natural immunity of the populations was probably carried out to select the most dangerous biological agents for populations in certain regions," he explained.

He added that dangerous pathogens and their transporters were also exported from Ukraine.

The US government has not made any response to the claim yet.

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Economic Watch: China's new bourse for small businesses set to spur innovation******

Photo taken on Sept. 9, 2020 shows the view of the skyscrapers of the Central Business District (CBD) in Beijing, capital of China. (Xinhua/Chen Zhonghao)。

BEIJING, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Stock Exchange will start trading Monday, a key step forward in China's efforts to revamp its capital market as the new bourse will serve myriad small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).。

Announcing the launching date in a statement Friday, the new exchange said it is all geared up for trading, with the first batch of 81 companies expected to see their shares traded starting from Monday.。

The launch came two months after China announced plans for setting up a new exchange, a move widely welcomed by the market as it aims to address the long-standing financing conundrum of SMEs.。

The novel bourse, built upon the existing National Equities Exchange and Quotations, or the "new third board," will play a different role in China's capital market compared with the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges while strengthening interconnectivity with the two stock exchanges.。

The announcement has triggered great interest and eagerness in the market. Over the past two months, investors and firms have kept a close eye on the latest developments of the exchange, vying with one another to obtain qualifications for trading.。

As of Friday, over 2.1 million new investors have applied to become qualified investors, said the exchange, adding that the total number of eligible investors will exceed 4 million after the bourse starts trading.。

A total of 112 securities firms have been granted memberships so far, it said.。

Six documents on operation regulations were also unveiled Friday, together with the other 45 guidelines issued earlier, constituting the bourse's self-regulation system with rules covering issuance, financing, supervision, and trading, among others.。

Commenting on the first batch of firms, Li Xudong, managing director of China Securities, said these companies are "full embodiments of the bourse's role as a primary platform serving innovative SMEs."

All 81 firms, as top performers in their respective sectors, boast sound business operations and great growth potential, Li said.。

Covering 25 major industries of the economy, these firms come mainly from sectors like advanced manufacturing, high-tech service, and strategic emerging industries. Their average spending on research and development tops 25.36 million yuan (about 4 million U.S. dollars).。

While an array of firms are lining up to go public, the exchange said it will enhance supervision and step up efforts to improve the quality of listed firms, rolling out measures to strengthen pre-listing review, clarifying responsibilities of intermediaries and listed firms, and creating smooth channels for delisting.。

The launch of trading marks the beginning of an exploration journey for the Beijing Stock Exchange, market watchers said, encouraging all parties involved to become more adaptable and inclusive and work together to foster a benign market environment to facilitate the stable and sustainable growth of the new bourse. Enditem。

Messi fit for Argentina World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay, Brazil******

BUENOS AIRES, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi will be available for Argentina's 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Uruguay and Brazil after recovering from hamstring and knee problems, Albiceleste manager Lionel Scaloni said on Thursday.。

The Paris Saint-Germain forward trained freely with the Argentina squad on Wednesday and Thursday, showing no sign of the injuries that kept him out of the French side's last two matches.。

The Albiceleste will meet Uruguay in Montevideo on Friday and Brazil in the central-western Argentine city of San Juan next Tuesday.。

"Messi is fine. He intensified his training a little more yesterday [Wednesday] and, in principle, he's available," Scaloni told reporters.。

"Leo wants to play and I want him to play. He played all the way through [this year's] Copa America and for me, he is a source of pride. I'd love everyone to have the same desire to play that he does, even when they are not fully fit."

Argentina are currently second in the 10-team South American qualifying group with seven wins and four draws from 11 matches, six points behind Brazil. Enditem。



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